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Our collective 60 years in the IT industry and in working in the deployment of software solutions has shown that the impact of a fully integrated Front Office system can never be negated for any business, big or small.

NES understand that fully functional and integrated Front Office systems is one of the cornerstones for a more efficient business, with increased revenue per employee. This is achieved through the creation of repeatable and successful processes.  In not providing your employees with the correct tools to effectively manage all their tasks, opportunities, cases, communication and information you are placing your overall business delivery in jeopardy. Giving your employees a well-constructed, integrated, Front Office system allows them to become professional jugglers – no balls will be dropped.

Cross-selling and up-selling to your current customers, with direct correlation to their required needs, through better market segmentation from information available, is only possible when you have a 360-degree view of each customer within your business.

As most modern Front Office systems are fully cloud-based, this allows for business growth without requiring continual reinvestment in software or hardware. It also avoids the guesswork of exactly what capacity or features a business may need. The ability to upgrade (or downgrade) as circumstances change lowers the risk a business faces by adopting a Front Office system.

Benefits of Front Office Systems
for Sales and Marketing

Personalise each customer experience

Provide a consistent message across all marketing touch points with each customer.


Based on being cloud-based your sales people can have real time information they need to engage with customers right on their tablet or mobile phone, assisting them with the correct next actions and decision-making information.

Predict the future

From data gathered from marketing touch points consolidated in your Front Office system, combined with your sales trends from previous months, you can now create a solid view of what the futures hold for your company.

Social Analytics

When combined with a Front Office system, this allows businesses to analyse what the consumers are demanding, and the company can ensure a good brand presence.

Pipeline Stage Analysis

Instead of your Sales team manually analysing each opportunity stage, the Front Office system will automatically define a plan of action and help your Sales team by notifying them of the correct steps and actions to close the deal.

Visually manage your Sales Funnel

In order to know how you can turn leads, opportunities or contacts into profitable sales, a Front Office system will guide you exactly towards the stage where you have put in more effort for the closure of the deals.

Benefits of Front Office Systems
for Customer Service

Increased Customer Retention through Response and Turn around time management

Today customers expect to be responded to within 2 hours from lodging a complaint. Through managing all complaints in a centralised Front Office system, emails for updates, service requests or missed response times and action/step workflows becomes the norm and not the exception.

Communicate any time, any where, any way

Gone are the days where communication channels where focussed around face-to-face meetings and written communication. In the fourth industrial revolution businesses have added a number of electronic communication channels including live chat, social media and emails. Real time access expedite the handling of customer issues and reduce the total amount of time spent with each customer

Automate Data Entry through integration

An integrated Front Office system automates many aspects of data entry, providing a clearer and complete picture of all customer interactions which in turn provides Call Centre Agents with more confidence when engaging with a customer.

Cost Reduction

The improved data organisation and consistency builds efficiency into the customer service interactions with analytics that can verify and further these initial gains. The reduced costs don’t necessarily mean a smaller or less significant department either. A more efficient Customer Service centre may be able to redistribute resources to improve technology, training or compensation – all of which may also increase employee satisfaction and retention.

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