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As a veteran of Back Office deployments, of close onto 22 years experience, no one understands that the acquisition of true Back Office software requires a major investment, more than us. On the other side of the coin, our experience has also shown that there is an even bigger costs in NOT making the investment.

While some Manufacturers choose to stick to the tried and true methods of the past, others seek technology solutions. Manufacturers cannot afford to put off a Back Office implementation while their competition invests in Back Office systems and starts reaping the many benefits, which we touch on below.

Regardless of the initial investment in a Back Office system, there is a Return on Investment (ROI) and this will be fully dependant on the overall value that can be derived from your ERP system over time. Find a Back Office system that meets your requirements now and into the future. Don’t be dazzled by software that as many capabilities, instead focus on the solution that addresses each of your business’ actual needs.

Benefits of a Back Office System

Lower IT Costs

Having a unified Back Office system greatly reduces the IT related expenses and improves efficiency.

Total Visibility

All employees, from the lowest level to senior management, have access to every important process in your business trough the fact that data is easily accessible.

Improved Reporting and Planning

An integrated, cross-departmental Back Office system provides a single and unified reporting system for every process. Business Intelligence (BI) functionality allows for a deeper level of analytical insight into operations.

Improved Efficiency

Reduces the time and effort required by employees to carry out their daily activities.

Improved Data Security

The databases that the Back Office system runs off of enables centralised backup of critical and sensitive data. Contrary to the misconception, cloud-based Back Office systems add an additional layer of security with round-the-clock security experts to ensure your servers are protected.

Improved Collaboration and Workflows

Information is funnelled from one department to the next in a centralised location, allowing for real time updates, better communication and collaboration.

Improved Data Accessibility

Back Office systems included advanced access control and user management features allowing for everything to be managed to the finest detail, allowing the right users access to the right data at the right time.

Standardised Business Processes

Utlising the already proven industry best practices inherent in Back Office systems, allowing you to deliver consistent results and continually improving. Automation of these process improve efficiency and greatly reduces the errors.

Facilitate Regulatory Compliance

Back Office systems support businesses in meeting compliance requirements through secure and validated data which is combined with built-in reports.

Improved Supply Chain Management

Shorten lead times and improve on-time deliveries. Become more responsive and innovative through demand forecasting, inventory management and procurement tracking.

Superior Scalability

Ensures you have a system in place that can effortlessly and efficiently grow with your company – making your company and investment future-proof.

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