Front Office (CRM Solutions)

Our collective 60 years in the IT industry and in working in the deployment of software solutions has shown that the impact of a fully integrated Front Office system can never be negated for any business, big or small.

NES understand that fully functional and integrated Front Office systems is one of the cornerstones for a more efficient business, with increased revenue per employee. This is achieved through the creation of repeatable and successful processes.  In not providing your employees with the correct tools to effectively manage all their tasks, opportunities, cases, communication and information you are placing your overall business delivery in jeopardy. Giving your employees a well-constructed, integrated, Front Office system allows them to become professional jugglers – no balls will be dropped.

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Back Office (ERP Solutions)

As a veteran of Back Office deployments, of close onto 22 years experience, no one understands that the acquisition of true Back Office software requires a major investment, more than us.

On the other side of the coin, our experience has also shown that there is an even bigger costs in NOT making the investment.

While some Manufacturers choose to stick to the tried and true methods of the past, others seek technology solutions. Manufacturers cannot afford to put off a Back Office implementation while their competition invests in Back Office systems and starts reaping the many benefits, which we touch on below.

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Systems Integration

During our years spent in the IT industry, and through our experience and knowledge gained, we often find that many growing companies struggle to best manage their operations and the related disparate systems. This is based on the fact, we have seen, that different departments often require specific software resulting in multiple tools being utilised across an organisation, without a central view within a business of how to, or the benefits that systems integration can bring.

NES have done numerous integration projects for our customers allowing their employees to work more efficiently and support achievement of the company’s goals. Integrating your systems will save your company time and money. So instead of adding more and more systems into your business, as a business owner/leader, you should be striving to implement as few systems as possible, which are tightly integrated.

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Systems Implementation

It is important to NES to constantly add value and contribute to the success of our customer’s business endeavours. For this reason, we promote joint responsibility for the deployment of your chosen software solution.

The transfer of knowledge from NES to our customers is vital to ensure success. Therefore, New ERA Solutions’ approach is designed to involve the selected Toolset Community during the deployment of the solution, to achieve buy-in, empower the individual team member and to ultimately transfer operational knowledge.

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RPA Solutions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is gaining a lot of traction as it is being adopted and implemented in businesses of every industry. Still, there are some decision makers who are on the fence about whether RPA is worth the investment.

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