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Whether you are ready for it, or not, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the next frontier in the digital revolution (also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution).

IoT can give your business increased productivity, cut costs, offer new products and services and deploy new business models IF you have the correct partner that has extensive integration experience and skilled employees for your implementation.

Daily, across the globe, more and more devices are being connected to the internet, from thermostats, water meters, home alarms and medical equipment, to factory machinery and even cars. This new ecosystem represents the next frontier in the digital / fourth industrial revolution. IoT adds the benefit of being mobile and virtual with continuous internet connections.

Not only will IoT drive the next level of digital adoption across consumer, manufacturing, supply chain and other industries, it will result in operational excellence, new revenue models, enhanced employee engagement and super customer experience.

IoT ROI could include fewer field visits and shorter customer service calls, which will automatically boost service efficiency and result in savings for the organisation, the consumer or both. Predictive maintenance ca mean fewer claims on warranties, while less downtime for consumers means improved customer satisfaction, leading to repeat results.

Benefits of leveraging an IoT solution include:

Enhanced Communication

Between all your devices, also know as M2M (Machine-2-Machine) communication. Devices are able to stay connected increasing transparency and lessening inefficiencies, bolstering quality.

Automation and Control

Physical objects are connected and controlled digitally through a wireless infrastructure, increasing automation and control.


The more information is available the better and easier decision making becomes. Knowledge is power and more knowledge is better.

Pro-active monitoring

Saving you time in alerting you timeously in order to better plan and group the manufacturing or acquiring of the needed products.

Saving money

Optimum utilisation of energy and resources can be achieved by adopting this technology and keeping devices under surveillance.

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