Systems Integration

During our years spent in the IT industry, and through our experience and knowledge gained, we often find that many growing companies struggle to best manage their operations and the related disparate systems.

This is based on the fact, we have seen, that different departments often require specific software resulting in multiple tools being utilised across an organisation, without a central view within a business of how to, or the benefits that systems integration can bring.

NES have done numerous integration projects for our customers allowing their employees to work more efficiently and support achievement of the company’s goals. Integrating your systems will save your company time and money. So instead of adding more and more systems into your business, as a business owner/leader, you should be striving to implement as few systems as possible, which are tightly integrated.

Benefits of Systems integration

Increase organisational responsiveness

With integrated systems, your business will be able to better, and more efficiently, adapt to changing environments and industries, allowing you to remain competitive and ensure that your business and the systems are future proof.

Improved Data Accuracy

As data is the cornerstone of strategic decision making it has to be accurate and consistent. If your duplicating data across multiple systems your data accuracy immediately decreases, and can result in conflicting or inaccurate data at time of decision making.

Increased Productivity

Integrated systems allow employees to complete tasks faster, with more accuracy, as they are not waiting on other departments to provided needed date nor are they re-entering this data.

Encourage and Enhance Communication and Collaboration

With all departments seamlessly sharing information, this naturally leads to enhanced communication, collaboration and visibility within your workforce.

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