Epicor Rises to #1 in Top 10 ERP Report

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In the first annual Top 10 ERP Systems Ranking report from Panorama Consulting, Epicor came out as the distinct number 1 ERP system, over a number of exceptionally strong competitors that the product was up against. Panorama Consulting Solutions is one of the top influences in the ERP community as well as a leading ERP Consulting firm.

According to Panorama the data is based on a total of 1,660 respondents who completed the survey and to further ensure that the findings were as accurate as possible, the Panorama annual benchmark survey data, as obtained between September 2012 and February 2016, was also taken into consideration.

The research is focused around identifying the top ERP systems available measured against market share, implementation cost and duration, software functionality and features and benefits realization.

“Epicor scored well in each major category, namely functionality scores from Panorama clients, implementation cost, and implementation duration. Just as importantly, Epicor was very consistent in its rankings in each of the categories. In other words, it wasn’t strong in some and weak in others—it was consistent in how it fared against other vendors. “

– Eric Kimberling, Managing Partner, Panorama Consulting Solutions

Panorama has sited Epicor, from this 2017 Top 10 ERP Systems Ranking report, as:

  • The Top Performer in the Midmarket range
  • Having a “Multitude of deployment options to best suit the needs of the client”

Kimberling continued, “Epicor did particularly well in the ‘time to realize payback’ category. It rated very high in terms of how quickly customers were able to realize a positive ROI on their investments in Epicor.”

Read the full report here

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