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Salesforce and DocuSign Sparks Digital Transformation

Spiralsoft is an in-house design and software development company, specialising in accounting and retail point-of-sale systems. Established in 1999, Spiralsoft provides quality software applications to help its customers grow their businesses. As the leading choice for centralised software applications in key industries across the globe, Spiralsoft understands the importance of reliable and easy-to-use business management software and is committed to providing its customers with the latest technology in accounting software solutions.

The biggest challenge that Spiralsoft faced was that a large part of its sales process was still managed manually, with sales figures and reporting done in Excel. “The growth of our Sales Department by 300% dramatically increased the need for automating our sales processes to the top of our priority list,” states Ashley Becker, Managing Director of Spiralsoft. Becker understood that, in order to better manage staff and sales figures, automation was key to overcoming time constraints.

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