Attain and Retain Customers

Today’s customers are increasingly demanding and harder to satisfy, expecting organisations to answer every kind of query in a single interaction irrespective of whether they call a Contact Centre, a Sales Advisor or use digital channels such as web chat to communicate with a provider.

“Autonomous customers” are so called because they spurn automatic brand loyalty, looking instead to family, friends and online users to support and inform their purchasing decisions. This new breed of customer uses self-service to stay in control, is less loyal and more difficult to engage.

When they do engage, their expectations of service delivery are extremely high. When they have an issue, Call Centre Agents are expected to resolve a wide range of issues efficiently, ranging from technical support, general enquiries, billing or account enquiries, without unnecessary delays, periods “on hold” or the need to be transferred to another department.

Enhance and Bolster Customer Engagement

Customers are increasingly discerning, expecting to access sophisticated and personalised communication channels to engage with their providers.

Customer engagement will remain a high priority as all sectors strive to implement digital strategies to take customer connection and interaction to a new level. Providers must recognise the need to evolve their infrastructure and communication platforms, if they are to achieve a lasting foundation for digital transformation.

It also requires a step-change on the integration of Back Office systems such as CRM and ERP solutions, if providers are to gain a much needed 360-degree view of customers and their interactions.

Optimise Contact Centre Performance

Frequently the Contact Centre is the first touch point in the customer journey, significantly influencing the customer’s perceptions and the likelihood of engagement with the business.

Manage Total Cost of Ownership

Going beyond a focus on initial upfront capital investments to quantify ongoing and overall costs to the business. Redesigning data, processes and systems around common principles can result in significant process and cost efficiencies and help to offset the cost of a transformation.

Enhance Customer AND Agent Experience

It is clear that a successful transformation is no longer defined by on-time delivery promising speed to market and streamlined IT operations. Current expectations focus on the customer and agent experience, operational efficiency and lowering the total cost of ownership into broader commercial strategies.

Leverage Advance Communication Technologies

Finding effective ways of using advanced communication technologies will be key to the success of any business, providing the foundation for seamless communications within the organisation, as well as externally with customers and other parties.

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