Integrate Disparate Systems

Too often NES has seen companies fall into the age-old trap of, at the beginning, purchasing several independent tools which may seem cheaper and more effective than acquiring a fully integrated software solution.

This inevitably creates an environment where your employees cannot collaborate or effectively work together. How do we expect people to talk to each other if our systems don’t?

Systems integration has its sole focus in taking various independent components and putting these together to work as a whole. If you select the correct integration partner, to design the final solution you can ensure that all your important information is indeed carried across and visible, putting you ahead of your competitors and helping your business evolve.

Having disparate systems across your business leads to:

  • Inefficient data management – making it impossible for your company to analyse available data properly.
  • Wasted employee productivity – getting stuck with entering the same data over and over, into different applications is a waste of work hours.
  • Losing customers – you cannot meet customer demands if you don’t have all the information you need available in one central place.

Improved Real-Time visibility

When data for reports across all your business units, are not integrated, it takes hours or days to obtain a consolidated report. Which means by the time you as a business owner receives it, it is already outdated. Having integrated result sets ensure that all your employees are constantly informed and kept up to date and are making decision on the “real-time-now” data within your business.

Process Efficiency

Bolster and improve employee efficiency through integration and the automation of various processes. You can limit new hires by working on the quality of your team, instead of the size and by removing routine tasks and introducing challenges you have a great influence on job satisfaction.

Increased Sales

Whether it is running an online store allowing your customers direct access to whatever they are looking for to purchase, and delivery times, or improving your employee’s customers service to attain and retain customers, integrated and consolidated data available at these touch points in your business will definitely increase sales.

Accurate and Centralised Data

Which allows you to fully understand and analyse every decision to be taken, and every mistake made within your business. Integrated systems removes the risk of in-accurate data transfer and incorrect analysis – saving you hours of work.

Cost Savings

Cost reduction will be the direct result of a fully integrated system, across every department within your business. This will be driven by the fact that your decision making will be more accurate, delivering better results. Also in automating some of your tasks your team can focus on gaining new, and retraining and growing, current customers.

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