Navigating The New Now as a Distributor

We are calling the new reality that we are facing The New Now. It is disrupting demand and supply and is placing undue pressure on small to mid-sized distributors. How a distributor navigates The New Now will have a significant impact on the long-term shape and strategy of their operations. It will also determine if they are well-positioned to take advantage of the business recovery that will follow. While no one has the answers, we see some key trends emerging that are helping distribution companies navigate through this new reality.

Innovation, even in unchartered territory, has always separated the leaders from the laggards. While some see uncertainty as a fearful event those that re-position, or even entirely reinvent the way they conduct business, see the opportunity despite the uncertainty. Let’s discuss some practical ways
to stay connected, keep innovating and most importantly, continue servicing vendors, suppliers and customers that stand by your side today, and in the future.

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